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We wish to introduce and promote the Italian Way of Life. Directly from the producers!
In this website, you can find a selection of the best products Made in Venice and in the surrounding areas.
From luxury décor items to wines and food specialties.
Artistic or artisanal products, mostly handmade, one by one.
Elegance, good taste, top quality: these are the elements of Italian Way of Life!

Our selection is dedicated to private and professional buyers who wish to find special items with the best ratio quality / price.
We selected the products, included in this catalogue, from trustable producers in Venice Territory.
You purchase directly from them and we support you for any need or matter.
We have been operating for decades in U.S.A., Canada, Europe, China and we put our experience and connections at your service.

furniture contract décor fashion & jewels miscellaneous wine and food

The pieces of furniture we propose are totally made in Italy, and their quality is directly controlled by us in order to provide a complete satisfaction to the clients.


Our partners are selected among the best designers and artisans we have been knowing and testing in our long experience. From luxury residential mansions to the best hotels...


Walls decorations, Murano Glass,  paintings, accessories, artistic sculptures, everything to make the ambiance comfortable and creating a personal deep feeling.


No need to say what is the Italian good taste and the classy production of fashion and jewelry.
Not only universal famous brand...
A lot of products with competitive prices.


In this category we group unique pieces, vintage, luxury artworks, anything that can not be considered normal.
Anyway it can be something you can't miss!


Italian wines and food are so famous all over the world.
Italian control over them is totally trustable and be considered the best in the world.
Safety and so many different tastes!


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